• UH Energy Sustainable Energy Development Program Bronze Belt

Program Overview:

      UH Energy, at the University of Houston, is offering the Sustainable Energy Development Program, to equip you – the rising energy professional – with skills, knowledge and expertise to tackle the Energy Trilemma. The Energy Trilemma requires affordable, accessible and reliable, and environmentally responsible energy solutions. Advancing solutions that simultaneously satisfy all elements of this trilemma are the foundation and essence of the Sustainable Energy Development Program.

      This interactive online program includes hands-on experience and real-world examples. Designed and presented by leaders from industry and accomplished faculty from the University of Houston, the program provides a structured series of micro-credentials or “badges” that cover the changing energy landscape and build the skills to succeed in it.

      Credentialing Overview:

      The credentialing program delivers a multi-disciplinary understanding of challenges and solutions to achieve sustainable energy development, and it is taught by world class instructors, including leaders from industry and the marketplace and accomplished faculty from the University of Houston, the Energy University, in the Energy Capital of the World.

      The program will be offered in 15-hour modules, each over a 4-week period. Digital badges are awarded for each module, and sets of 3 badges you will earn a Belt. The introductory Bronze Belt is followed by an intermediate Silver Belt, and finally an advanced Gold Belt. The badges and belts provide a permanent record, endorsed by UH Energy and the University of Houston, that can be made a part of your resume to credential your new skills.


      UH Energy is offering the Bronze Badge 1 in Sustainable Energy Development, starting March 1, 2021. Instruction for Badge 1 consists of 8, 2-hour online sessions. Sessions are delivered twice per week, Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:00-9:00 pm, CST. Dates for the three bronze badges are:


      Badge 1: Energy Transition – March 1st – March 24th

      Badge 2: Energy Value Chain - March 29th – April 21st  

      Badge 3: Text Mining – May 3rd – May 26th   


      Individual Badges: $900 per badge                                            

      Bronze Belt Bundle (Badges 1, 2 & 3, purchased together): $2,500



      ·    Current industry professionals will gain new information, insights and skills needed to manage the significant changes and daily demand to be an active participant during the Energy Transition

      ·    Students in their senior year and above, readying themselves for an energy career. You will glean a sharp competitive advantage as you enter the energy marketplace equipped with the necessary skills to advance the Energy Transition

      Belt Descriptions:

      Badge 1 – Energy Transition: Provides a background of the energy industry – the suppliers, the customers, the global supply demand challenges, and the environmental issues in different sectors of the industry; understanding which is important in making decision on addressing the Trilemma. Industry case studies analyzing key aspects of sustainability will be reviewed - deciding on what to measure and how to communicate progress – a key component to track one’s progress in addressing the Trilemma.

      Badge 2 – Energy Value Chain: Examines the pathways for a sustainable transition away from fossil fuels. Energy transitions are not new: the world has undergone several big shifts in its dominant energy sources. We first look at this history and the lessons it offers. Then, we talk about coal: the fuel which industrialized and continues to industrialize the world, but at a great societal and environmental cost. The focus then shifts to oil and natural gas, which are central to our current energy supply, but face numerous issues of their own. Some alternatives to them—nuclear and hydroelectric energy—are up and running, but not on a large enough scale to displace them. Others—wind, solar, and biomass—are growing rapidly from a low base. The class concludes with a critical look at our energy consumption patterns.

      Badge 3 – Evaluating Sustainable Energy Options: Introduces key dimensions for evaluating sustainable energy options – factors to consider, information required, and a framework to use. It also provides instruction in some tools to use in the evaluation process; and it includes breakout sessions to reinforce concepts and for learners to practice the techniques that have taught.

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      UH Energy Sustainable Energy Development Program Bronze Belt

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