• Some forms of Majorization, Vol 36, No.4

Author: Bennett, Grahame, Department of Mathematics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47405, U.S.A. (bennettg@indiana.edu).
Some forms of Majorization, pp. 1037-1066.
ABSTRACT.  The Theory of Majorization provides easy proofs for many inequalities of the type

φ(y1)+ ... + φ(yN) ≤ φ(x1) + ... + φ(xN),

wherein x and y are fixed N-tuples with positive entries and the estimate holds for all convex functions φ from (0,∞) into R. We show here that useful results can be obtained when other classes of functions are considered.

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Some forms of Majorization, Vol 36, No.4

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